Friday, February 20, 2009

0_0 WHAAAAA?!?

Firstly, people are posting again, and I decided that I may as well slap a little post on here while the conversations are still hot. Well, let's see has been pretty good. I'm doing way better in my Spanish class this term than I was last term. As far as life in general though, I think it's either sick or something's broken.

Life's kinda been barfin' all over me as of late, and I'm not completely sure what I've done to deserve it. I'll admit, there have been a few things I've been doing wrong, but was this really the only way for God to get my attention? *sigh* I know, He knows still sucks though. Maybe, if I just keep constantly adjusting my path and cleaning it up, things will be good again. I certainly hope so. =\ Sorry 'bout that. It just helps to get that stuff out sometimes. Aaanyway...

Talent show (& auction =P)!!! =D Saturday the 28th at 5pm! Who else is going? I'm really excited about it. I've gotten some great footage the past two years, and I hope to get even better videos this year. Does anyone know what movie they'll be showing at the kid's party before the talent show? I probably won't be staying in that room to watch (never do XD), but I am curious. Well, I'll see you guys Monday/ Tuesday!!!

~ Shellie