Sunday, April 27, 2008

Acquire the Fire!

Oh my gosh! I'm actually posting. Haha. Acquire the Fire was SO much fun! The first day, one of the speakers (Mike Guzzardo) had two fish named Bob and Sara. He took them out of their water and let them flop around on the table gasping for breath. The symbolization was that the water was walking in God's word and jumping out of the water was like partying, drinking, doing drugs, cutting yourself, etc. We didn't like seeing the fish in pain though, and Michael shouted out, "ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!!!!!!". The guy actually heard him too and responded. Which is kinda funny since this year's theme was "Let Your Voice Be Heard". The main Worship band was the Michael Gungor band. They were pretty good. Mine and Isaac's favorite song was "Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So", and Ashley's favorite was "You Are the Light". We were all jumping , clapping, stomping our feet, and pumping our fists in the air. The absolute best band there was the David Crowder Band. They had a Guitar Hero guitar that one of them had turned into an actual electric guitar! And when you pushed on of the side buttons, it made the Mario Bros. coin sound. Haha, they also had a "ho down" during the concert. Some of the ushers and audience members even started doing some country dance in the stands! Well, later on, they had a kind of revival prayer time thing. I'd never gone before, since nobody else would ever come with me, but, this year, Isaac asked if I wanted to go, so he, Marie and I went down. We prayed and worshipped together. There were people crying around us, and I felt...kinda like...a warmth. It felt so good I can hardly describe it. I'm really glad Isaac came down with me and Marie. It meant a lot. Sadly, Marie was sick and wasn't able to fully enjoy the event. Then she couldn't even come to day two because she was feeling so bad. I was pretty bummed about that. Day two was still cool though. I got a black lion shirt, a CD signed by one of the bands (Decyfer Down--Christian metal), and a brown messenger bag. The drama was not at all good though. The past three years of drama have been great, but this one just stunk. Aside from that, the event as a whole was pretty fun, and everyone (Isaac, Ashley, and Michael) said they'd come next year. Y'know, Godwilling. Man, my throat hurts from all the shouting we were doing. At least I have my hearing back. =P

Monday, April 14, 2008

My blog is sooooooooo boring...

Yo Diggety Dawgs... Um...yeah. I just added videos in an attempt to make this blog less boring. Is it working? '_'

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Woohoo! & Aroooooo!!!

Hey guys. This is me. OOH! I found new font! RAWR!!! ^_^