Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cookies and MR. SNOW!!!!!

Haha, here are some pictures of the gingerbread cookies Marie and I made and decorated today. I think they turned out purdy well. ^_^ Oh yes. One more thing. Y'see that little snowman down there? That is the one, the only, Mr. Snow!!! (pronounced Meestair Snoch...long 'o' sound) =D

BTW, click the pictures to get a better look. ;/

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Again!

Who here thought Twilight was completely awesome? =D

I DID!!! W00t! Edward FTW!!! (lol)

~ Shellie

Friday, October 10, 2008

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

So Cute!!!

I don't know if you guys have seen this yet, but I think it's absolutely adorable.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Center of the Earth"

That was Brendan Frasier's line introducing you into a whole new world. Or maybe more of a world inside the world. A place where mushrooms tower over your head, dinosaurs are nowhere near extinct, and giant man-eating plants are quite a nuisance. And that's just to mention a few of the fantastic things you'll find. Although, this movie may not be quite what you were expecting. It's not so much a movie of Jules Verne's epic novel as it is a movie about the book itself. It's about a scientist named Stephen (Brenden Fraser) whose brother Max went missing 10 years earlier. His lab is about to be shut down by his boss (Seth Meyers) who believes that this study of volcanic tubes and such is a waste of time. Not only that, but Stephen's nephew, Seth, (Josh Hutcherson) is staying with him, reluctantly, for over a week while his mom looks for a home in Canada. Seth's mom gives Stephen a box of Max's old stuff, which includes a copy of Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth. When Stephen and Seth find mysterious notes in the pages and a never-before-seen volcanic blip on the monitor in Stephen's lab, they go out on an incredible "journey" to find out what really happened to the long lost brother/father. There is some cheesiness, as there usually is in 3d movies, such as flying yo-yos and extended arms towards the screen, but the movie as a whole was amazing. I believe Matthew described it as "awesomeness level 5" with prosthetic limbs at level 2. Haha. However, the theater we went to didn't have 3d, but we liked it all the same (probably more than if it had been 3d). It was worth the overpriced ticket, and I'd definitely go see it again. =D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lady & the Tramp

How many of ya'll are coming tomorrow?

~ Shellie

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beauty & the Beast

Hey, does anyone other than Ryan know whether or not they're coming to movie night tomorrow?

Friday, June 20, 2008


Hey! I'm back from one of the best vacations I've ever been on. Well, putting all the crappy airline stuff aside. Our first stop was...

Indiana! Hung out with my family: Nana, Pop-pop, Uncle Bob, Aunt Gwen, Katie, Bobby, Jake, Uncle James, Aunt Vickie, and lil' Natalie. *Whew* We played video games quite a bit. Nana and Pop-pop took me to the Garfield store where I got a book and a stuffed Garfield. We also went to some rummage sales where I bought Casper on VHS, the Space Jam soundtrack, some little toys, and a vibrating piggy. (The pig was for Marie) There were some nasty storms though. We lost power and were stuck in a Meijer for a little while. Everything turned out all right though. Katie burned a copy of Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight CD, so if any of you would like songs from that or Space Jam, just tell me, and I'll send them to you. Oh, my cousins and I had a summer Olympics! It was really fun. I got gold in Guess How Many and bronze in Horse, Air Hockey, DDR, Memory, and Guitar Hero. =D

Going from Indy to the Village trip was uber-crappy. Our flight was cancelled, so we had to wait 8 hours to get on a plane. Because of that, we missed the tour bus that went to the hotel in Virginia. Therefore, we flew to Virginia instead of DC and rented a car to get to the hotel. By the way, our luggage didn't make it either, so we had to go the next day completely without. We did get it eventually though.

Williamsburg was fun. Everyone was dressed up like the early settlers and people from colonial times, and they never got out of character. My favorite parts were listening to Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. Oh, and check Marie's blog to find out about something hilarious that happened to Jevon. On the free day we went to Busch Gardens with the Streicher family. Marie, Corbin, and I went on all the roller coasters, even the Griffon! Those were some crazy rides. ^_^ Jevon doesn't especially like roller coasters though, so he didn't go on most of them. We got soaked on the Roman Rapids, which we rode 3 times by Jevon's suggestion. Haha, it was awesome. Except for the part where Connor, Austin, and Andy kept singing "White and Nerdy". I had that song stuck in my head almost the entire trip! Oh! Amelia taught me how to swim! I can now float, tread water, and do a frog stroke type thing. *Joy emanating from entire self *

DC ended up being pretty cool as well. We went to the Library of Congress and saw the place where they shot a scene from National Treasure. We also saw the Capitol building, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, WWII, and Vietnam Memorials, the Natural History Museum, the Holocaust museum (which was pretty worthless), the museum of historic and modern art, and the Presidential Portrait Gallery.

I loved playing and hanging out with everyone during the trip. Terry, Ian, Patrick, Dylan, Connor, Austin, Amelia, Andy, Jevon, Corbin, Timothy, and anyone else I hung with. Dylan and I played a dumb prank on Terry. He was at a comedy show with the Capitol Steps, and he and I brought the luggage to his room. He took Terry's underwear, put it in a showercap, and taped it up. I put a note next to it that said "Found in Bill Clinton's suitcase. Thought you might like it back." He didn't even notice it when he walked into the room. He just pushed it aside and started playing on his laptop. It was stupid, but kinda funny. I cannot count the number of Bill Clinton jokes that surfaced. It was ridiculous. We played Apples to Apples, watched really stupid cartoons, and played Pokemon on our Game Boys. Actually, that last one was just me and Ian...while everyone else laughed at us. Haha.

Thanks to everyone, especially Lori, for making this a most excellent adventure. ^_^

We plan to make a Flickr page with all the pictures people took, so be on the lookout. I'll post it once it's been made. =)

<3 Shellie

Friday, May 30, 2008


Hey, Everyone!

Tomorrow is the Village Summerfest! If you're not busy, then come have fun with me! It's from 3-6pm, and our play begins at 4:15.

I hope to see you there! =D

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Inner Animal

This is where you can talk about your inner animal. That is, the animal that reflects who you are based upon your actions and behavior. So, what animal are you?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Acquire the Fire!

Oh my gosh! I'm actually posting. Haha. Acquire the Fire was SO much fun! The first day, one of the speakers (Mike Guzzardo) had two fish named Bob and Sara. He took them out of their water and let them flop around on the table gasping for breath. The symbolization was that the water was walking in God's word and jumping out of the water was like partying, drinking, doing drugs, cutting yourself, etc. We didn't like seeing the fish in pain though, and Michael shouted out, "ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!!!!!!". The guy actually heard him too and responded. Which is kinda funny since this year's theme was "Let Your Voice Be Heard". The main Worship band was the Michael Gungor band. They were pretty good. Mine and Isaac's favorite song was "Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So", and Ashley's favorite was "You Are the Light". We were all jumping , clapping, stomping our feet, and pumping our fists in the air. The absolute best band there was the David Crowder Band. They had a Guitar Hero guitar that one of them had turned into an actual electric guitar! And when you pushed on of the side buttons, it made the Mario Bros. coin sound. Haha, they also had a "ho down" during the concert. Some of the ushers and audience members even started doing some country dance in the stands! Well, later on, they had a kind of revival prayer time thing. I'd never gone before, since nobody else would ever come with me, but, this year, Isaac asked if I wanted to go, so he, Marie and I went down. We prayed and worshipped together. There were people crying around us, and I felt...kinda like...a warmth. It felt so good I can hardly describe it. I'm really glad Isaac came down with me and Marie. It meant a lot. Sadly, Marie was sick and wasn't able to fully enjoy the event. Then she couldn't even come to day two because she was feeling so bad. I was pretty bummed about that. Day two was still cool though. I got a black lion shirt, a CD signed by one of the bands (Decyfer Down--Christian metal), and a brown messenger bag. The drama was not at all good though. The past three years of drama have been great, but this one just stunk. Aside from that, the event as a whole was pretty fun, and everyone (Isaac, Ashley, and Michael) said they'd come next year. Y'know, Godwilling. Man, my throat hurts from all the shouting we were doing. At least I have my hearing back. =P

Monday, April 14, 2008

My blog is sooooooooo boring...

Yo Diggety Dawgs... Um...yeah. I just added videos in an attempt to make this blog less boring. Is it working? '_'

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Woohoo! & Aroooooo!!!

Hey guys. This is me. OOH! I found new font! RAWR!!! ^_^